Week 16

Day 106: The community housing sends around Santas for the children and collects donated toys to give to Toys for Tots. We donated a teddy bear and you met Santa!

Day 107: Hahaha, I think grandma was embarassed to take a picture. I love this though.

Day 108: Dropping off grandma to the airport. ):

Day 109: Papa and I just stared at you for a while before we had to get you ready for another long drive. You're such a beautiful sleeper.

Day 110: Asleep in Papa's hands at the mall. The other two are you enjoying the wooden teething ring we let you have before Christmas.

Day 111: Your bangs have been getting into your eyes so I decided to tie it up!

Day 112: How is it possible all this cute fit into one darling, little girl.

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