Week 12

Day 78: The chubbiest cheeks.

Day 79: We picked you up a swing today. Look how happy you are!

Day 80: We had a WIC appt today for an electric breast pump and it was the first snowfall for Groton today too. Not too cold out, but pretty.

 Day 81: I captioned this "So you're telling me that you just stole my nose?"

Day 82: You were looking at me all crazy for having us go to sleep at 8:30pm.

Day 83: You spent the day with me at this childcare center so I could do observation hours for school. You were such a good baby! Wiped you out good though! (;

Day 84: This Star Wars shirt matches you perfectly. Sorry, you've geek parents, but you have so much hair and you make wookiee noises sometimes when you cry. It's perfect.

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