Week 14

Day 92: We're off to Vermont! You're konked, thank goodness.

Day 93: Snowing out in Vermont so we put you in a snowsuit.

Day 94: It's a very late night going to sleep, but you are wide awake!

Day 95: The day hasn't started, but you're napping before the day's adventure.

Day 96: Your Turkey Day outfit complete with that darling smile of yours. Happy first Thanksgiving, baby girl. We're thankful that we finally have you.

Day 97: You and Papa relaxing for some morning TV. 

This is later that Friday at community supper. You laughed the night away with your godmother Cathy in the nursery, and I was serving.

Day 98: This is your holiday outfit! (Everyone loved your leggings)
We also picked up grandma from the airport today. We went to Barnes & Noble afterwards. Papa and grandma spoiled you with books!

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