Week 13

Day 85: You were so absorbed into watching Pirates of the Carribean. This was the first time we used your pillow seat from Auntie Krissi too!

Day 86: "Monkey in motion" - just you enjoying your swing.

Day 87: No words. Just the possibility of flies.

Day 88: I have a love/hate relationship with your 3-month growth spurt. You are so cranky and it's made me irritable, I'll admit it. But you are so restless until you're in my arms for a cuddle that I feel so great I'm the one who puts you at rest.

Day 89: You were actually this happy at 3:03am.

Day 90: Holding my hand while you sleep. You're so darn beautiful.

Day 91: Why so frumpy? Papa was laughing. 

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