Week 15

Day 99: You were baptized today. I'll post more on it later, but this is us finally being home after the long drive. We're pretty cozy.

Day 100: Jubilant is this jedi. You are always so smiley. It's a blessing. I also love how your arms are spread out in a "Y" to match with your "Y is for Yoda" shirt.

Day 101: So this is you outgrowing grandma's size very slowly, hahaha!

Day 102: Chewing and drooling all over the horse rattle toy Cathy got for you.

Day 103: One day, I will somehow find a way to get you to close your mouth while you sleep.

Day 104:You're sleeping. I'm catching up on homework.

Day 105: Finally holding onto your teething rings better.

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