Week 3

Day 15: Grandma's here! She's in love with you already.

Day 16: This was the picture that convinced me you were going to have Papa's eyes. Your eyelashes are long and thick just like his.

Day 17: What a difference 9 days makes! Look back at Day 8, and you have definitely grown longer. You appear longer in the picture than you really do, but you have grown.

Day 18: This is what I call "Wasted-Baby Syndrome" aka "Milk-Drunk". Papa took a video of you and this is a still frame from it!

Day 19: I am so completely in love with your giant eyes. Definitely your Papa's, and you're sporting "The Thinker" pose today. (Your eyes have gone from a dark grey/black at birth to this medium/light grey with a gold ring around your pupil. So many people think it's a dark blue.)

Day 20: Just you hiccuping at Papa while you take your evening poop before we sleep! You two make my world so wonderful.

Day 21: FIRST BATH! You really love the water; you're so calm in it. It's only proper- you're your mother's daughter, and you & I are mermaids. Your shark robe swallows you though.

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