Week 2

Day 8: You're a week old today and we're in this great swing at the house. This is a picture of tummy-time turned nap-time on Papa while he plays his first video game in months!

Day 9: This was the day that you were not awake for longer than 30 minutes. Papa says I'm so in love with you. How could anyone not be? You're the sweetest thing.

Day 10: The day's poopy-face! Your silliness is hysterical!

Day 11: We finally got your organic merino wool hat and booties in from New Zealand yesterday, so I had you wear your hat this day and I absolutely loved your outfit!

Day 12: Today you held your caterpillar soothie to your mouth all by yourself during the car ride!

Day 13: I call this one "Nursing Beauty." I just really wanted my first "lactivist" picture without it being too obvious you were feeding.

Day 14: You have this funny habit of sleeping with your mouth open- I love it! Papa had put you in your carseat like this at the house and you stayed this way through Petco, the mall, and all the way back home. I wonder whose mouth you have.

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