Later Day 3: We're home!

When we arrived home, I left you with Papa to do the dishes I had left in the sink and complete three loads of laundry I felt immediate. Afterwards, we just sat as a family in the living room adoring you. We let the dogs meet you. Fang didn't care too much, but Vampir could not stop sniffing you! 

Gross it may be, but it was definitely more beneficial for you and I. This is the picture I took prior to making my placenta smoothie. (Yuck!) That red bag with the HazMat sign on it holds your first home (the placenta), and beside it are the ingredients I used to make the smoothie. The smoothie was basically a coin-sized chunk of placenta into a bender full of bananas, raspberries, strawberries, and honey. Honestly, I really wanted to hire a placenta specialist to encapsulate the placenta so we could reap the benefits for longer, but we coudn't afford it. A placenta smoothie was the next best thing. Besides, the benefits appear quicker in it's raw form, rather then cooked and ground.

So you don't think I'm a total nut, I'm going to list a few small benefits: helps in the prevention of post-partum depression, repairs torn ligaments that are a result of labor, restores vitamins to the body lost during delivery (especially powerful in restoring the iron), and also promotes a healthy lactation and in having my milk arrive sooner. Fun Fact: 23 hours after consuming the smoothie, my milk had noticeably arrived! Again, it's gross, but I did this for you.

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