Week 4

Day 22: We had just woken up in this picture and you already had bright eyes for the day. I love that you wake up happy.

Day 23: You could kind of, sort of fit into your Peter Rabbit knit hoodie. Only sort of, my chubby, little bunny. You're too cute for words in that thing.

Day 24: It was your first time wearing some pants and a sweater today. It was cold out.

Day 25: I've been letting you snuggle up on grandma since she arrived. It looks like you're pointing out "orange" all sleepily.

Day 26: If babies had mischievous faces, this would be it. You're too adorable. Grandma was starting the bath at this time and it looks like you're thinking "I should probably poop soon."

Day 27: You look a little distraught this evening waiting for Papa to come back from his second job. They kept him back later than usual.

Day 28: This is you're "Wait, so you're telling me Papa just spent THAT much money on 12 cloth diapers for me" face. And yes, yes he did. Very excited to get your Little Bee Co cloth nappies in!

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