Week 6

Day 36: You've got some wide cheeky real estate, babydoll.

Day 37: You had your one-month appt today. At your two-week appt, you weighed 7lbs 10oz. At your appt today, you weighed 9lbs 3oz! You also measured at 20 inches in legth, which is 1.5in longer than your birth length, but I also wasn't holding your leg down so that it was perfectly straight so you're maybe a bit longer. Also, you got your second Hepatitis B shot and you cried for only 2-3 second, which is how long it took to put you on my breast for nursing. I had it ready!

Day 38: It looks like your eyes are saying, "There is milk in that boob RIGHT THERE."

Day 39: This is your yawn and stretch series after your nap today.

Day 40: I finally got you out for the night! I can always tell you're knocked out good when you've got your mouth hanging open.

Day 41: You were crying like crazy today. The only time you had stopped is when I was nursing you, so you can only imagine how sore I was that day.

Day 42: Snug as a bug in a rug at the orchard today. 

Daddy took us to go apple picking finally! You were knocked out for most of it. Your head was as big as a Russet apple!

I had to nurse you towards the end of our trip there. I tried getting a picture of you sitting on a pumpkin. You weren't having it, but at least you're still adorable when you're cranky.

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