Happy Mother's Day to you, Valentina

You're in the "Only Mama" stage right now. You're quick to look for me and eager to leap into my arms. Your cries cease only with my embrace. You rest your head under mine more often nowadays, keeping me hopeful I get more cuddles than I can count. I've honestly never felt more beautiful than when you look around a room, stop at my face, and reach for me. You want ME to hold you above everyone and anyone else, carrying a longing to be loved by me.

Everyday, I am hoping I grow with an unending readiness to meet your attachment. I know many people think I spoil you, but I think they're wrong.

You're growing more autonomous everyday, and a day will come where you no longer reach for me. I can't imagine doing anything less than meeting your arms with an excitement to hold you, showering you with all the love I carry within every ounce of my being. You're the most beautiful person in the world to me, Valentina. Thank you for loving me as you do.

I love you.

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