8 months old

I'm going to be posting on the last two months because I'm horrible at blogging. I'm also probably going to transfer all this stuff to another blog where everything can be a little more organized.

Above is your own little space downstairs. It has your "artwork," books, and your weaning shelf behind you.

That is you, successfully using your small glass to drink water all on your own. Crazy right. You're just seven months there. I'm so proud of you.

This was in Vermont. We had a little "picnic" outside with Papa and Auntie Barbie. You and Papa had water; Aunt Barb and I had delicious wine. We just sat outside in the middle of a beautiful day, reading your BabyLit books.

You're eating a pickle at the restaurant next to the Vermont Country Store. This is the first solid food we've really actually seen you enjoy.

Just you. Being cute. As always.

So not too much has changed. You're still not doing solids very much (aside from that pickle), but you've nailed drinking from a glass. You're not crawling like a madwoman, but you're definitely doing your best to move, even if it's a little at a time. You have been pointing at things! It doesn't sound that impressive, but it really is. You'll point and babble as if you're trying to tell me what you're looking at. It's remarkable.
We had an amazing trip to Vermont. In that time, you started your "Only Mama" phase. This means that you only want me. No one else. I'll post up what I wrote on Mother's Day separate from this one. I love you, Valentina.

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