2-month Update!

At birth, you measured 7lbs 1oz, leaving the hospital at 6lbs 6oz with 18.5 inches in length. At 1 month, you measured a great 9lbs 3oz and at 20 inches long!

Now, look at 2 months:
2 months and look at all that chunk! You weighed 10lbs 14oz, although I'm pretty sure had I not delayed your feeding that was due a little bit before your appointment, we could've cheated you to 11lbs 1oz. (; But you did measure at a crazy 22.5 inches in length- just about 4lbs and a good 4inches grown! Why did I delay your feeding? You had to get 4 shots done today and I wanted you to have something for soothing, so you only cried for a good 15-20 seconds and then you stopped when I nursed you! You're growing so much.

You can hold your head up for a little over 3 minutes by yourself. You can roll onto your side. You love the sensory bottles I made you with color contrast beads and sink/float visuals. Your favorite song is "Allouette" and you also love when I sing Ingrid Michaelson songs to you. We go on walks often, and you can't stand being the car unless you're crazy tired. I hold you so much I wear a wrist brace, but I'm taking advantage of this time you actually want me. You can push off and assisted stand for a bit- you're such a strong little lady. You've been so much more verbal saying things like "abu" and you LOVE smiling. We "boop" your nose and you're always so happy.

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